1) TLU6881161 Name: Asha ❌ 33.70€ (19.66€ you) Colour of name: fushia Name with star at the end and with a hanging bunny  Colour of star: corail Colour of bunny: Gris perle Font: italic  2.1) TLU6881162 Name: Leighton ❌37.70€ (21.99€ you) colour of name: vert chine Colour of hanging car: (blue) petole  Colour of star: tournesol name with star at the end and one hanging car under the name.  Font: italic  2.2)  name: Nathan ❌28.70€ (16.74€ you) colour of name: Petrole name with hanging moon and hanging star colour of hanging moon: Moutarde colour of hanging star: Gris clair Font: italic  3) TLU6881163 Name: Lena ❌27.80€ (16.22€ you) colour of name :bubbie gum colour of rabbit: citron font: italic  name with a rabbit at the end (like photo attached)  (Same as attached photo like Jasmine with owl style)  4) TLU6881164 ❌22.90€ (13.36€ you) big cloud with hanging name (all capital letters)  Name: REMUS colour: same as sample attached in this email  5) 1) Name: Ainsley ❌46.60€ (27.18€ you) Name with two hanging cars and an airplane at the end of the name colour of name: tbc Colour of airplane tbc  colour of hanging cars: tbc Font: Italic  2) a tote bag: ❌29.90€ (19.90€ you) name: Ainsley rocket on the tote bag colour of name: noir colour of rocket: rouge font: italic ❌Shipping Cost : 24€ ❌Total : 159.05€
159.05 EUR

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